Grosgrain Ribbon and Cute Craft Center

One of the most successful family business  eBay store seller  is May’s Smile.  The company started in 2002 and is still going strong.  The company is run by the tandem of husband and wife with their parents as part of the team.  So it is clearly, a company that has its personal touch.

May’s Smiles is an international maker of the best quality of Grosgrain ribbons, lace, beads and bows.  Their office is located at Qingdao City, China.  The company’s motto is”Goodness, truthfulness and kindness towards building a beautiful world full of sunshine. “Their many clients can attest how the company can be easily contacted, friendly and very accommodating.  They consider their customers as part of their growing family.

Their product boasts a high standard quality of ribbon and lace sold at a very competitive price on a global scale.  Everyone is invited to visit their website at Here you would find all kinds of printed grosgrain ribbons and a cute craft centre.

There are a variety of patterns available such as cute animal prints, flowers, and trees, hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse prints, polka dots, geometric patterns, seasonal patterns for the right occasions and many more.  Prices of these ribbons vary according to pattern, length and width. 

One particular product sold at a lowest price here is the solid  3/8” grosgrain ribbon in 10 yards.  These straight, not curled, ribbons can also be used to make korker.  The ribbons are made of 100% polyester fibre, do not fade and are abrasive resistant.  Ribbons are available in different 20 different colors that you want.

May’s Smile also offers free-economy shipping from outside the United States.  And what’s best is, your unique, high quality ribbons would only take 14 waiting days to have your order delivered at your doorstep.

You can Visit May’ eBay store Here